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Posted on Sunday, March 17 2013 by Emperor
Lee Soon Shin Is The Best - 최고다 이순신
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Description: Lee Soon Shin (IU)is a bold girl from a remote island who moves into the Seoul after the sudden death of her father. Although her life situation isn’t great, shealways tries to do her best. Using her singing talent, she captures theheart of the uncle fans. A bright, cheerful young woman, who’s an aspiring star, crosses path with a CEO of a successful entertainment agency called Shin Joon Ho (Jo Jung Suk). What will she do after she finds out that he loves her?
Language: Korean
Production company(s): A Story
Country: Korea
Times: 50 Episodes
Release Date: 09 March 2013
Director: Yoon Sung Shik
Cast: IU, Go Doo Shim, Jung Dong Hwan, Kim Yong Rim, Son Tae Young, Yoo In Na
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Family

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