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    The Fixer - 拆局專家

    The Fixer - 拆局專家 Download The Fixer - 拆局專家 Watch online The Fixer - 拆局專家

    When the cops, the lawyers, or the triads come across problems they can’t fix, they will call upon a team of misfits—“the fixers”—an underground band of experts who work together to solve unsolvable cases. This team is led by the crafty Szeto Sam Ping (Chin Ka Lok 錢嘉樂), and together with legal consultant Lui Lui (Mandy Wong 黃智雯), talented hacker Mak Ping On (Tracy Chu 朱千雪), flirty thief Chan Dai Man (Timmy Hung ...
    The Fixer Episode 21The Fixer Episode 02 English subtitle
    The Fixer Episode 20The Fixer Episode 01 English subtitle

    Come Home Love - 愛.回家

    Come Home Love - 愛.回家 Download Come Home Love - 愛.回家 Watch online Come Home Love - 愛.回家

    MA FU (Lau Dan), a retired employee of the HK Correctional Services Department, moved back to live with his son after retirement. MA FU treats and disciplines everyone in his family as if they were the offenders he works with in his job. His youngest son MA CHONG (Chris Lai) feels like he's in jail when he gets home, and his father is even often involved with his job as a paralegal. The father and son get into disputes daily and his e ...
    Come Home Love Episode 844
    Come Home Love Episode 843

    Brick Slaves - 樓奴

    Brick Slaves - 樓奴 Download Brick Slaves - 樓奴 Watch online Brick Slaves - 樓奴

    In order to find a home in the tiny area of Hong Kong, some people will give up their dreams, be willing to work hard and live frugally to pay for their mortgage. These people are known as "brick slaves". Through several standard brick slaves, the series will discuss the real meaning of responsibility and bearing responsibility. Some people pursue stability and allow themselves to be tied to a mortgage for their whole life. Others will ...
    Brick Slaves Episode 20Brick Slaves Episode 07 English subtitle
    Brick Slaves Episode 19Brick Slaves Episode 06 English subtitle

    Hidden Faces - 三面形醫

    Hidden Faces - 三面形醫 Download Hidden Faces - 三面形醫 Watch online Hidden Faces - 三面形醫

    人, 天生都愛美。很多人會化妝、美容、甚至是整容。但沒有多少人,能夠正視鏡子,坦然自在地剖開表面的華麗皮囊,暴露自己最赤裸最潛藏的一面。所以,醫生從來 都只能醫「身」,難醫「心」。此劇以整形醫生加盟連鎖醫療集團作為引子,批判現世代主流的價值觀,啟發大眾反思「美」的定義及自我價值。
    Hidden Faces Episode 18
    Hidden Faces Episode 17

    Ghost of Relativity - 鬼同你OT

    Ghost of Relativity - 鬼同你OT Download Ghost of Relativity - 鬼同你OT Watch online Ghost of Relativity - 鬼同你OT

    Architects Limited's office manager Keung Yung (Nancy Wu) has had a crush on her co-worker Michael Mai Hoi-long (Moses Chan) for over ten years, but she is too afraid to confess her feelings. While calling May Shun Suk-Mui (Kristal Tin), who is a clumsy employee that just cost the architect firm to lost a huge account, on the phone to fire her, Yung is electrocuted to death because of her bootlegged cellular phone. Regretful of not be ...
    Ghost of Relativity Episode 28
    Ghost of Relativity Episode 27

    Master of Destiny - 風雲天地

    Master of Destiny - 風雲天地 Download Master of Destiny - 風雲天地 Watch online Master of Destiny - 風雲天地

    1987年香港股市暢旺,幾乎全民投入炒賣股票,就連向來做事穩打穩紮的商人曹雲漢(黎耀祥飾)也沉醉其中。雲漢與妻子關若男(李施嬅飾),育有三名兒子 志宏、志遠、志高,一心想着藉股市所得豐厚利潤與妻兒搬入豪宅過美滿生活。一場突如其來的股災,卻令雲漢瞬間由天堂墮入地獄,欠債累累,被迫破產。雲漢不 堪打擊,跳樓自 ...
    Master of Destiny Episode 32
    Master of Destiny Episode 31

    The Justice of Life - 他來自江湖

    The Justice of Life - 他來自江湖 Download The Justice of Life - 他來自江湖 Watch online The Justice of Life - 他來自江湖

    周星馳無厘頭文化開山之作他來自江湖是一部時裝寫實劇,反映現今社會,無論富或貧皆有誤入歧途的人,但只要決心洗心革面,改邪歸正,社會必定會接納他們。 反之,那些死不悔改,繼續為非作歹的人,最終必定會受到法律的製裁,並且落得慘淡收場。明天(萬梓良)原是黑道英雄,後因一次買賣中,未婚妻(楊寶玲)意 外身亡, ...
    The Justice of Life Episode 30
    The Justice of Life Episode 29

    The Wicked League - 惡毒老人同盟

    The Wicked League - 惡毒老人同盟 Download The Wicked League - 惡毒老人同盟 Watch online The Wicked League - 惡毒老人同盟

    As the saying goes: “having an elder at home is a treasure to the family”.  However, in reality, many elderly are oftentimes targets of discrimination.  The 5 main elderly characters in this series are the epitome of this, as they are constantly looked down upon by their family, friends, and even co-workers.  During a chance encounter, the 5 of them come together and decide to ‘take revenge’ on all ...
    The Wicked League Episode 20
    The Wicked League Episode 19

    P.4B - 四年B班

    P.4B - 四年B班 Download P.4B - 四年B班 Watch online P.4B - 四年B班

    Matters that seem trivial in the eyes of adults are oftentimes matters of utmost importance in children’s hearts.   This series looks at the vast world we live in through the eyes of children and show how they follow their pure yet determined hearts to realize these important ‘trivial’ matters.  In doing so, they also attempt to help the adults in their lives understand that they shouldn’t try to force their own ...
    P.4B Episode 04
    P.4B Episode 03

    Empress of China (Cantonese) - 武則天

    Empress of China (Cantonese) - 武則天 Download Empress of China (Cantonese) - 武則天 Watch online Empress of China (Cantonese) - 武則天

    初入皇城 一舞情定唐太宗 貞觀十一年,秀女大選,年僅14歲的武如意(范冰冰飾)為征服世間最偉大的英雄而欣然入宮。時逢長孫皇后薨逝周年,宮中排練《蘭陵王入陣曲》,領舞者可獲 得侍寢機會,眾秀女為此暗自努力,如意與蕭薔(孫佳奇飾)鶴立雞群。蕭薔在韋妃(張庭飾)的幫助下獲勝,以待李世民(張豐毅飾)寵幸,但當晚世民卻於 ...
    Empress of China (Cantonese) Episode 75
    Empress of China (Cantonese) Episode 74

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