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    Smooth Talker - 以和為貴

    Smooth Talker - 以和為貴 Download Smooth Talker - 以和為貴 Watch online Smooth Talker - 以和為貴

    「唔啱講到啱,就係咁簡單!」有人的地方就會有是非,不過新一代「講數」已經不再需要刀刀劍劍,只要有「好多事」的調解員出動以笑聲「救」地球,在第三者的中立角度,用法律以外的語言藝術解決一切衝突和糾紛! 「老死」不和 試試調解又如何? 「黑二代」侯德仕(馬德鐘飾)出身於有特別背景的社團,「子承父業」經營舊 ...
    Smooth Talker Episode 03
    Smooth Talker Episode 02

    Romantic Repertoire - 水髮胭脂

    Romantic Repertoire - 水髮胭脂 Download Romantic Repertoire - 水髮胭脂 Watch online Romantic Repertoire - 水髮胭脂

    世人總以為懂得計算謂之聰明人,不懂計算的是失敗者,但事實是否如此?聖經有云:「凡事都有定期」,古諺也云:「人算不如天算」。做事只注重利益、算盡天 機的人,表面上所得看似比別人多,但勞勞碌碌爭名逐利,營營役役便過一生;相比之下,做事隨心而為、不計較的人,時刻保持心境坦然,用夢想與歡樂編織人 生,似乎才是 ...
    Romantic Repertoire Episode 03
    Romantic Repertoire Episode 02

    Come Home Love - 愛.回家

    Come Home Love - 愛.回家 Download Come Home Love - 愛.回家 Watch online Come Home Love - 愛.回家

    MA FU (Lau Dan), a retired employee of the HK Correctional Services Department, moved back to live with his son after retirement. MA FU treats and disciplines everyone in his family as if they were the offenders he works with in his job. His youngest son MA CHONG (Chris Lai) feels like he's in jail when he gets home, and his father is even often involved with his job as a paralegal. The father and son get into disputes daily and his e ...
    Come Home Love Episode 737
    Come Home Love Episode 736

    The Menu - 導火新聞線

    The Menu - 導火新聞線 Download The Menu - 導火新聞線 Watch online The Menu - 導火新聞線

    Monitoring society has always been a responsibility of the media, but violence, porn and blood have become the norm for modern media. The story follows three female reporters with different ideals, working for a free newspaper. They have daily conflicts over news reporting. The profit-motivated chief editor is willing to abandon ethical responsibility and make exaggerated reports. The assignment editor and a reporter are passionate ab ...
    The Menu Episode 18
    The Menu Episode 17

    Eye in the Sky - 天眼

    Eye in the Sky - 天眼 Download Eye in the Sky - 天眼 Watch online Eye in the Sky - 天眼

    Originally an elite member of the Special Crime Unit in the Hong Kong Police Force, former cop Szeto Shun (Kevin Cheng) was forced to leave the force after getting implicated in an arson case. He is then hired at a security company, where he meets the intelligent Cheung Lik Hang (Ruco Chan). With their similar ways of thinking and work styles, Shun and Hang become close friends. Their superior, Kong Wui Hoi (Lau Kong), also treats the ...
    Eye in the Sky Episode 20
    Eye in the Sky Episode 19

    Young Charioteers - 衝線

    Young Charioteers - 衝線 Download Young Charioteers - 衝線 Watch online Young Charioteers - 衝線

    Him Law and Sammy Sum became high school friends due to a cycling competition, but lost contact with each other after Sammy had to return to Taiwan for family reasons. Years later, they meet again at an accounting firm. Him's boss (Lin Xia Wei) likes to play office politics and often drives a wedge between colleagues. It causes a grudge between Him and Sammy. Fortunately, the secretary (Jinny Ng) is very considerate and encouraging ...
    Young Charioteers Episode 20
    Young Charioteers Episode 19

    Heard It Through the Grapevine - 풍문으로 들었소

    Heard It Through the Grapevine - 풍문으로 들었소 Download Heard It Through the Grapevine - 풍문으로 들었소 Watch online Heard It Through the Grapevine - 풍문으로 들었소

    This is a black-comedy drama depicting a prestigious family whose lives are suddenly shaken because of a rumor about their teenage son impregnating his schoolmate. Choi Yun Hee (Yoo Ho Jung) and Han Jung Ho (Yoo Joon Sang) are a wealthy couple from a prestigious family. Their reputation suddenly turned upside down because of their son’s relationship with an ordinary girl. The girl, Seo Bom (Go Ah Sung), determined to endure the ...
    Heard It Through the Grapevine Episode 10Heard It Through the Grapevine Episode 10 English subtitle
    Heard It Through the Grapevine Episode 09Heard It Through the Grapevine Episode 09 English subtitle

    Second Life - 第二人生

    Second Life - 第二人生 Download Second Life - 第二人生 Watch online Second Life - 第二人生

    After living for several decades, when one has reached middle age, we start to complain about the pressures and failures that we’ve experienced and regret those ‘missed opportunities’ from the past. But for someone who doesn’t have any dreams or aspirations, what is the point of living a life of such uselessness? The series will explore how the main characters, while going through a low period in their lives, will encounter a situation th ...
    Second Life Episode 11
    Second Life Episode 10


    My "Spiritual" Ex-Lover - 倩女喜相逢 Download My Watch online My

    Edwin Siu is a poor scholar whose goal is to ace the imperial exam, but he has failed every time. He is temporarily staying at his sister-in-law Joyce Tang's lantern store and making a living as an artist. His eldest brother Evergreen Mak is a penny-pincher, while second brother Oscar Leung is illiterate and henpecked by his wife. His childhood sweetheart, Jinny Ng, is constantly pushing him for marriage. In addition, his father, Yu Y ...
    My "Spiritual" Ex-Lover Episode 15
    My "Spiritual" Ex-Lover Episode 14

    Raising the Bar - 四個女仔三個BAR

    Raising the Bar - 四個女仔三個BAR Download Raising the Bar - 四個女仔三個BAR Watch online Raising the Bar - 四個女仔三個BAR

    A group of barristers and trainee lawyers vow to pursue justice and ideals, but the process is fraught with difficulties. Regarded as the "Condor Heroes" of the legal world, barrister Ben Wong and his wife Elaine Yiu have taught many students. Among them, Grace Chan, Jeannie Chan and Louis Cheung are Ben's favourites. Grace's classmate, Moon Lau, is a trainee solicitor at Elaine's law firm, while Stephanie Ho trains under barrister ...
    Raising the Bar Episode 25Raising the Bar Episode 10 English subtitle
    Raising the Bar Episode 24Raising the Bar Episode 09 English subtitle

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