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    The Election - 選戰

    The Election - 選戰 Download The Election - 選戰 Watch online The Election - 選戰

    社會的各階層有其掙扎和爭鬥,人性、權力、利益,糾纏不清。女主角李心潔背負丈夫的使命,秉承無私、追求公平的理念參選特首;可惜,社會現實將她捲 入複雜的困局,一方面面對內部競爭,一方面面對對手廖啟智的攻擊。經歷重重阻撓,卻發現敵我難分。角色之間的愛恨交織,人性和私利的糾纏,正是社會現實的 縮影。 本劇從人 ...
    The Election Episode 12
    The Election Episode 11

    Madam Cutie on Duty - 奶MADAM

    Madam Cutie on Duty - 奶MADAM Download Madam Cutie on Duty - 奶MADAM Watch online Madam Cutie on Duty - 奶MADAM

    As a child, Priscilla Wong was teased for her ugliness. After an accident that required her to have plastic surgery, she firmly believes that beauty can change lives. Even after she enters the police force, she still cares about beauty more than anything. When a prostitution case reveals that a loan-shark company is operating inside a public housing community, Priscilla and fellow CID officer Edwin Siu are sent to act as a couple in ...
    Madam Cutie on Duty Episode 15
    Madam Cutie on Duty Episode 14

    Raising the Bar - 四個女仔三個BAR

    Raising the Bar - 四個女仔三個BAR Download Raising the Bar - 四個女仔三個BAR Watch online Raising the Bar - 四個女仔三個BAR

    A group of barristers and trainee lawyers vow to pursue justice and ideals, but the process is fraught with difficulties. Regarded as the "Condor Heroes" of the legal world, barrister Ben Wong and his wife Elaine Yiu have taught many students. Among them, Grace Chan, Jeannie Chan and Louis Cheung are Ben's favourites. Grace's classmate, Moon Lau, is a trainee solicitor at Elaine's law firm, while Stephanie Ho trains under barrister ...
    Raising the Bar Episode 05
    Raising the Bar Episode 04

    Come Home Love - 愛.回家

    Come Home Love - 愛.回家 Download Come Home Love - 愛.回家 Watch online Come Home Love - 愛.回家

    MA FU (Lau Dan), a retired employee of the HK Correctional Services Department, moved back to live with his son after retirement. MA FU treats and disciplines everyone in his family as if they were the offenders he works with in his job. His youngest son MA CHONG (Chris Lai) feels like he's in jail when he gets home, and his father is even often involved with his job as a paralegal. The father and son get into disputes daily and his e ...
    Come Home Love Episode 696
    Come Home Love Episode 695

    Once Upon a Song - 童話戀曲201314

    Once Upon a Song - 童話戀曲201314 Download Once Upon a Song - 童話戀曲201314 Watch online Once Upon a Song - 童話戀曲201314

    As a child, everyone dreamed of being the prince or princess in a fairy tale, but when we grow up, we only become HK men and women. The qualities of a girlfriend include her outer appearance, while a boyfriend must have a house, car and career. Thinking deeper, does everyone still have a dream in their hearts? The first musical in the history of Hong Kong television, with young faces, beautiful voices and youthful dancing to present a ...
    Once Upon a Song Episode 11
    Once Upon a Song Episode 10

    Noblesse Oblige - 宦海奇官

    Noblesse Oblige - 宦海奇官 Download Noblesse Oblige - 宦海奇官 Watch online Noblesse Oblige - 宦海奇官

    Nuns-to-be Tavia Yeung and Cilla Kung are desperate to find money to treat the head nun's illness. By coincidence, they meet the wealthy heir of a bank (Kenneth Ma) and are forced to become maids at his household to repay their debts. Tavia often has to save Kenneth from trouble with her superior martial arts skills. Although they disagree with each other, they still support each other during critical times and unconsciously develop ...
    Noblesse Oblige Episode 21
    Noblesse Oblige Episode 20

    Pinocchio - 피노키오

    Pinocchio - 피노키오 Download Pinocchio - 피노키오 Watch online Pinocchio - 피노키오

    This drama tells the story of the reporters for a broadcasting company as they chase the truth. Choi In Ha (Park Shin Hye) is a reporter who has “Pinocchio syndrome”. She cannot tell a lie or pretend to be something she is not or she starts hiccupping violently and gives herself away. Meanwhile, Choi Dal Po (Lee Jong Suk) is a rookie reporter at a broadcasting company. He’s handsome but does not know how to dress to impress, so ...
    Pinocchio Episode 20Pinocchio Episode 20 English subtitle
    Pinocchio Episode 19Pinocchio Episode 19 English subtitle

    To Be Or Not To Be - 來生不做香港人

    To Be Or Not To Be - 來生不做香港人 Download To Be Or Not To Be - 來生不做香港人 Watch online To Be Or Not To Be - 來生不做香港人

    Through the reunion of 2 biological sisters who bring with them years of resentment and grievances, this series attempts to show the subtle changes in the relationship between Hong Kong and Mainland China over the past 30 years. Blood is thicker than water — no matter how unwilling, this is a fact that cannot be changed.  Amidst the rise of a powerful nation (China), what role should Hong Kongers play?  In your next life, would you s ...
    To Be Or Not To Be Episode 25
    To Be Or Not To Be Episode 24

    Officer Geomancer - 八卦神探

    Officer Geomancer - 八卦神探 Download Officer Geomancer - 八卦神探 Watch online Officer Geomancer - 八卦神探

    Sit Dan Yan (Johnson Lee) seems like an ordinary police officer at first glance, but he secretly holds a special talent in solving the trickiest cases. Taking after his grandfather, Dan Yan inherits the talent in metaphysics and is able to gain answers to murder cases at the most critical moments. As well, Dan Yan has the help of good friend, Leung Sing Kau (Oscar Leung) – a talented individual who has sources in both the police and ...
    Officer Geomancer Episode 20Officer Geomancer Episode 06 English subtitle
    Officer Geomancer Episode 19Officer Geomancer Episode 05 English subtitle

    Tiger Cubs II - 飛虎II

    Tiger Cubs II - 飛虎II Download Tiger Cubs II - 飛虎II Watch online Tiger Cubs II - 飛虎II

    Under Joe’s continual leadership in the SDU team, Him, Oscar, and Mandy all get along very well and tackle many tough challenges. Poon Tze Lung (Timmy Hung 洪天明) shakes up the team when he is introduced to the SDU team as their new commanding officer. Abiding by a different set of rules and possessing a different work mentality, Tze Lung’s arrival is not met with good reception and the entire A-Team has to learn to adapt and ...
    Tiger Cubs II Episode 10Tiger Cubs II Episode 09 English subtitle
    Tiger Cubs II Episode 09Tiger Cubs II Episode 08 English subtitle

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